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i. Site Acquisition

Felymas Consultants International in partnership with Real Estate Agents has a number of properties in their portfolio from High Density to Low Density nationwide. Felymas Consultants International has been assisting Clients to secure and acquire properties.

ii. Plan Drawing

Felymas Consultants is in partnership with Architectural and Engineering experts who are responsible for designing housing plans for our Clients.

Iii.Plans Submission/Approval of Plans to Local Authority

We together with are our partners are responsible for coordinating Local Authority building plans approvals.

iv. Plan Approval Follow up

Felymas Consultants make follow ups with Local Authorities to ensure timely approvals of  submitted  plans  and  make  sure  any  changes  which  require  approvals  are incorporated.

v. Budget Preparation/Cost Estimates BOQ

We have a competent team of Quantity Surveyors who prepares Bills of Quantities (BOQs) and budget estimates for the Client. A Bill of Quantity is an itemised list of materials, parts, and labour (with their costs) required to construct, maintain or repair a specific structure.

vi. Contractor Procurement

Felymas Consultants is in partnership with Building Contractors who then undertake the actual   construction.   We   offer   services   for   both   commercial   and   residential developments (high, medium and low density structures).

vii.    Procurement of materials

We are in partnership with building materials suppliers i.e. Halsteds, Electro sales, BETA   Bricks,   Willdale   Bricks,   POMONA   Quarry,Essar   Tubes   and   Towers,   PPC

Zimbabwe, Allied Timbers among others. Felymas Consultants will assists Clients to procure all building materials at affordable prices based on our relationship with our partners.

viii. Construction Works

Felymas Consultants coordinates all the activities with building contractors to ensure the works are properly done. These are our obligations as we carry out the construction process.

ix.Construction Site Visits/Quality Control

Felymas Consultants has a competent team that supervises the construction from site preparation, building setting out with the assistance of a Land Surveyor, preparation of foundations, footing, and brick laying. We have the resources and workforce with extensive experience for execution of complex structures.

x. Stage Approvals

Felymas Consultants ensures all building inspections stages are approved by Local Authority Inspectors.

  • Site/Trenches inspection
  • DPC/Compaction inspection
  • Lintel/Window Level inspection
  • Wallplate/Gable inspection
  • Roof/Beams/Trusses inspection
  • Drain open test inspection
  • Final inspection

Xi.Compliance/Occupation Certificate

Felymas  Consultants  ensures  that  the  building  complies  with  the  Local  Authority requirements  and  make  sure  the  structure  obtains  the  Compliance/Occupation Certificate from the Local Authority such that the Client will then be in full occupation of their building.