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Project Management

We have the experience and expertise to offer the best project management on your building developments. We offer the following


  • Site/Land Acquisition- Procurement of land for development is one of our services.

We help the Clients to acquire land including carrying out the requisite due diligence with the Local Authority with the help of our Legal Partners.

  1. Feasibility  Studies  –  We  undertake  feasibility  studies  for  the  developments  to assess the practicality of a proposed development before implementation.

  2. Planning  of  activities-  We  use  the  Client`s  brief  to  determine  the  appropriate delivery method.

  3. Appointment and management of the professional team

  4. Design  Development-  We  assist  in  developing  the  required  building  plans  in consultation with other development partners.

  5. Local Authority Approvals- We are responsible for consultations with Local Authority for statutory compliance including building plans approvals.

  6. Cost Estimates We prepare bills of quantities for the Clients who need to know the budget for their developments.

  7. Procurement/Tendering - We assist clients with appointment of building contractor and materials procurement depending with the type of contract adopted.

During construction

  1. Coordination  of  activities  –  We  make  sure  the  activities  are  well  planned  and coordinated during construction to ensure successful project delivery

  2. Time,  cost  and  quality  management-  Time,  cost  and  quality  are  the  critical elements  of  any  development.  Felymas ensures that a high quality project is completed within the agreed timelines, at an agreed cost/budget.

  3. Health & Safety management To minimize any additional cost and losses to the

  4. Clients, we ensure safety is observed during implementation of the works.

  5. Programme Management - We ensure that all the work activities are planned and controlled to ensure the project is completed within the proposed timelines.

  6. Reporting   –   Production   of   regular   construction   progress   reports   including identification of risk elements

  7. Stage Approvals –Coordination of stage approvals and completion documentation